Cleaning The Canvas

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Since the time of the ancients mankind has labored to tame the elements. We wrap our world in bands of steel and concrete tempered by blood, sweat and tears then declare ourselves as victors but nature just laughs and plays along for a little while. What is a few decades of being tamed by man when you have seen Millenia pass by? Slowly but surely each drop of rain begins to break the bonds laid upon the Earth. The forest advances and whatever isn’t pushed aside is swallowed up by the trees. Eventually iron returns to the sand, concrete is broken by roots and the moss covers all. The world returns to be a clean canvas for the next generation.

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Growing up with livestock means barbed wire. Some people actually collect old rusted samples of it and there’s certain vintages that are more desirable than others. It’s not uncommon to find a section of the stuff sticking out of a tree that has grown up on a fence row and absorbed the wire as the tree grew. There was also a lot of barbed wire on the ground. Sometimes it’s covered with decades of fallen leaves all except for the loop that’s just below the weeds and waiting to catch your foot like a snare. Believe me, it will drop you like a rock if you’re careless around old fences that are poorly maintained.

Sometimes in life we get tossed down when we’re least expecting it. If we look around to see what tripped us up we’ll usually find that it was a responsibility that we ourselves neglected. What’s more is that it’s easier to handle taking care responsibly when it’s fresh than it is to fix something that has been left undone for too long.