The symbolism of the crossroads is well known. A person stands at the intersection pondering a decision wandering which way to turn in order to reach a goal. Crossroads are everywhere in life. I have observed a certain amount of anxiety associated with life’s crossroads. But, isn’t a crossroads as much an opportunity as it is anything else? It’s an opportunity to change your course, continue ahead or, for some situations it’s a place to turn around and correct a past error.

The most probable cause of the anxiety is not knowing what lies ahead. There are resources we have access to. Maps, compass and the knowledge of those who have been there. For life’s crossroads I turned to the Bible and church elders.

There’s no need to be anxious about coming to a crossroads. It’s really all a matter of perspective and planning.

Waiting for the thaw. 

I’m Setting here in my recliner with my dog and we’re dreaming of warmer temperatures.   The Arctic blast has turned my mountain into an icy prison.  We’re looking forward to the smell of the moss covered forest floor and a game of chase in the yard.  On days like this I like to go into my archive and pull out pictures of warmer times.  The image of ground pine here was taken in August at Carnifex Ferry State Park in West Virginia.  The trail that leads to the Gauley River passes through a stand of virgin timber.  It’s been a little over a decade since I was all the way to the river.  Perhaps when winter is over I take you dear readers on a virtual tour.