The Old Main Building 2021

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I was asked several days ago if I had pictures of the Old Main Building in Summersville West Virginia. I do but I wanted to provide some new ones.

For a lot of us this was the junior high school. Up until this point we were used to spending most of the day with one teacher but junior high was a multiple building campus. Some of the busses stopped at the top of the but the majority lined up at the bottom. Which meant a climb up that ice covered road if your homeroom was in the Old Main like mine was. There was a science building and a vocational building ( now gone ) as well as the new building, a large gym and at the bottom of the hill the Red Brick Building. ( Also now gone. But the Old Main was special and it still is.

The Cornerstone of the Old Main Building.

The Cornerstone was laid July 4th, 1913. The beautiful Renaissance architecture was the work of H. Rus Warne who seemed share my affinity for cut stone in place of bricks. By the early 80s the building seemed to have a few problems. It was damp and cold just like a proper castle. In fact, when I was there certain parts of the building was blocked off. The 3rd floor was a no go zone but that was because the board of education had some offices up there. The steam heating system seemed to always freeze up on the coldest days but high energy kids did pretty well with our padded coats.

Image Titled “Old Main Building 10521b” showing the front entrance.

The majestic old stone building had plenty of places to enjoy your lunch if you were a “brown bag” enthusiast. On warm days there were a few benches along this walk where I could sit quietly and watch my beloved nature. The one time I got in trouble though was when it was cold and a hibernating bat had slipped from its roost and lay in the snow unable to move. Always the prankster I collected said bat in my empty brown bag and carried it into class. That would have been bad enough but I was the first person back from lunch and my teacher’s desk was unguarded. How funny would it be if she opened her drawer to find the sleeping bat? Only by the time she opened the drawer the bat was warm enough to wake up and fly! It almost flew up her nose and began circling her head. I got away with that one until now.

Image Titled “Old Main Building 10521c”.

The back of the building was oriented towards most of the campus and this is angle I most associate with. The kids in my clique all hung out on the steps to right between classes and with most of us being farm kids discussed important matters like fishing and hunting.

Image Titled “Old Main Building 10521d”.

Today it’s a historic landmark which is awesome. As I understand it the Old Main now hosts senior services and an art center which I should probably look into. But the great thing is that it’s being maintained so that we’ll have it around for a long time.

Good night friends and be blessed throughout your days.

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The Historic Old Main

The featured image for this post is the Old Main School building in Nicholas County West Virginia. This is where the notorious bat incident of 1983 took place. I mentioned it in a previous article but in short a young man that was taking a class in introductory literature misused his borderline criminal genius to add some realistic excitement during a reading of Homer. Unfortunately as an adult I’m actually held responsible for my actions today. It’s just as well, at her age the teacher probably couldn’t handle the shock. The yard you see in the foreground is one of the places where we would have lunch. In the Early 80s there would have been two or three boom boxes powered by large (by today’s standards) battery banks. You would have seen some Walkman radio/cassette payers. These bright yellow boxes were carried on the belt or in a pocket. Today we do everything on our phones but when I roamed the halls of this building a mobile phone was the size of a shoe box (or larger) and had to plugged into a car. When I attended classes here the building was heated by steam pipes and occasionally we would see large accumulations of Ice near the vents.

The historic building is one hundred and fifteen years old. It serves as a center for the arts now. Perhaps one day day I’ll see a play based on the the Odyssey there. But, I’ll bet that when the adventure gets to the river Styx they don’t have real bats for effect.