The Power Of Change

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I was commenting with my friend today about negativity in our lives. Negative attitudes are everywhere. They invade our jobs and businesses. Negativity comes into our homes through our television and social media. Some days it seems like we’re surrounded by those who feed on misery.

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But,I know the the chink in their armor.

Whatever you chose to feed grows and whatever you chose to starve dies.

Sounds like a simple solution right? Just stop feeding the negative emotions and the problem goes away. Well, kinda. Sometimes the negativity takes on a life of its own. It wants to exist. It’s hard at first to focus on the positive but soon the starvation effective kicks in and those negative voices began to weaken. The buzzards that gather around just waiting for us to fall will eventually have to find a new roost.

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The clouds will part and the sun reclaims the day.

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The positive thoughts we feed will grow. And soon we’ll have a new companion to keep us company.

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The power of change isn’t in the voices on television or the clever comments on social media. The power of change is in you. It’s in what you chose to give your life’s energy too. Do you chose to feed the buzzard or the parrot? Do we see the dark clouds or the sunshine that peeks through them?

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