A Moment Of Grace

I’ve been working on a side project that has me a little down. I’m not ready to reveal the nature of the project. Only that its been hard on me emotionally. But I do think it will worth it. When dark times come just have faith that God is still operating. His grace is shining down on your life even if you don’t really know it. The storm will break. The clouds will part eventually. And, light will return to the world.

Because of Love

I’ve walked the rocky roads,

Because of Love.

I’ve climbed the steepest mountains,

Because of Love.

I’ve worked from dawn to dusk and beyond,

Because of Love.

I’ve carried the heavy burdens,

Because of Love.

I’ve endured the wind and rain,

Because of Love.

All the work that was done, all battles won, all the fires fought and all the gifts that were bought

Were Because of Love.

I came home to your open arms and found fulfillment,

Because of Love.

The image above was taken above the Southridge shopping center in Kanawha County West Virginia.

The Blue Night

I look out over the Kanawha River in the evening as old Sol closes his sleepy eyes. The softening light melts into a deep blue leaving an icy chill in it’s wake. The blue night has arrived. Small flickering lights beckon the people of the city to come home for a warm fire and a good meal. The river holds a garden of gnarly empty branches as if a mirror world lies just below the surface. I take one last look at the silhouette of mirror world and begin my own journey home with only the blue night and flickering lights to guide me.

Image was taken in Kanawha County of the Kanawha River and overlooking Kanawha City.