The Beacon  

Today I wanted to take a break from the black and white photos.  This image is a composit of a lighthouse I photographed several years ago.  It was my first excursion into photography with lens larger than 35 mm.  I created the background and storm clouds by manipulating other photos in my archive.  

I wanted to give you feeling of the powerful light driving back the darkness.  Everyone at some point feels lost in the storm.  We need a beacon of hope to bring us into shore.  I can see the inside of the little cabin at the base of the lighthouse in my mind’s eye.  A kindly old caretaker stokes a warm fire and offers a blanket to a young refugee who barely made it to shore. The younger person is soaked to the bone from the winter storm.  As they sit together and enjoy a hardy meal the Atlantic Ocean rages outside.  Waves crash against the stoney shore in vain as if Neptune himself was frustrated with the young person’s escape from the darkness.  They are safe and secure within the refuge of the lighthouse. 

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