The Beacon..part 2

This is second render of the lighthouse.  For this version I used the same lighthouse base image.  I added rain drops from the windshield of my truck.   I also wanted a brighter feeling to this one as if the storm was almost gone.  

The younger person draws the blanket around himself like a robe. His hands are heavily calloused from the time spent at sea.  His jet black hair hung coarse strands from being wet. The fire reflected in his dark eyes as he gazes at the flames.  The shock of his experience weighs on his very soul.  The old caretaker sets a thick earthenware mug of hot coffee on the table and slides it to him.  There’s no need for words. They only understand a few words of each other’s languages anyway.  They are brothers of the sea.  As they communicate with the few words and gestures the dawn breaks and the storm retreats.   The new day brings peace and with it new future.  

The story above is an excerpt from one of the many stories that I have in progress.   Inspection seems to come in spurts.  I will add more to the story as  time and inspiration allow.  

8 thoughts on “The Beacon..part 2

      1. Yeah I was reading . When I was scrolling ur page I found why this Beacon post is in series . Now I got it and now I wanna know more about these two personalities ☺️

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