Beneath Dreaming Tree

There is a place in my dreams where a lone tree stands bridging heaven and earth. 

As nighttime falls and the land sleeps the clouds come dancing by.

Stars sing in chorus to the nightbird’s lonely cry. 

A maiden enters my dreams.  Her green eyes pierce the night and she takes my hand. 

Rise up you sleeper she whispers softly.  

This dream is short and our time has come.  

Our thoughts and hearts are one.

But all too soon will come the dawn. 

And our dreamworld will too soon be gone.

For sunbeams shatter dreams and the life that will be.

We loved and laughed with warm embrace beneath that single tree.  

Til golden light erased the night and stole my dreams from me.

Beneath the sun I toil, the dream still in my head.

With hopes that my dream returns to me, when tonight I go to bed.

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