Taking a walk 1.11.18

I  had an opportunity to venture out beyond my normal routine today.  As I walked along the trail at Salmon Run I found this natural threshold.  There was a homestead close by at one time but the mountains are quick to reclaim anything that isn’t maintained.  Perhaps the threshold here is a warning.  “Beyond this point you must leave the outside world behind”.   As I walked on a little further the forest began to strip away the domesticated part of my spirit.  My feral nature returned.  I could smell the wood and stone.  I could hear the scampering of small feet just out of sight.  The birds are chirping but something caught my attention.  There was a hole in the noise. If one stays very still and listens the forest will tell you what is happening around you. As I tracked the silence a jogger came down the path.  Once he and his dog passed the noise came back.  

It was good to get out of the house even if only for a few minutes.   Today was a good day. 

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