Sunrise On the Gauley River

There are spots on this Earth that seem to carry a spirit of their own.

This spot on the Gauley River is such a place. I stood on banks in this spot and a sense of peace washed over me. It was as if the mist rose up front the water and carried my cares and worries downstream. I could visit this place every day.

It’s not a sin to make time for yourself. If you let yourself be completely drained there’s nobody else who can cover all your obligations. One of my church elders told me that a person can be mentally/emotionally drained and be okay. One can be physically drained and be okay… But, if you let yourself become mentally/emotionally drained and physically drained at the same time it’s a recipe for disaster.

Your first responsibility is to make sure that you are capable of handling all your other obligations. That means being fully charged and well rested.

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