Final Hour

Tonight’s blog post is going to be straight to the point. I ran into lifelong friend today at a restaurant. We decided to share a table and take time for a visit. The conversation eventually came around to dealing with mental health issues. As a medical professional she posed the question, “What if I told you that you only had one hour to live ?”. On the surface that might seem to be pretty bleak perspective. But, it’s a question that makes you examine your priorities. You see, whatever it is that you would spend your last hour on Earth doing is the thing (or things) that are the most important to you. Everything else is secondary.

Nobody is promised that they will live into old age. Every hour that passes could be our last. But the odds are that most of us will live for at least a while longer. We can either let that time slip away until there is nothing left or, we can fill each passing hour with as much of the things that are truly important to us as we can grasp.

And one more thing. Those things that are beyond our control. Let them go. You deserve to be happy. Don’t let yesterday’s regrets prevent tomorrow’s joy.

The image above was chosen for a reason. It’s the intersection where I had my life changing accident. I was given a second chance to appreciate the here and now. Just a few feet away from this spot is my crushed and broken pickup truck. Today, I’m giving you the green light. It’s time to leave the broken things behind and continue the journey.

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