Making A Wish

Close your eyes and take a breath. Hold it for just a moment. Somewhere, deep down inside your heart lies your fondest dream and with it is your most desired wish.

Close your eyes a little tighter.

Don’t peek or it won’t come true.

Do you have a good vision of the wish.

Good, now raise the dandelion gently to your lips.

Be careful not to lose any of the fluff. That’s where the magic is. We’re going to need all of it.

Check the breeze. Is it blowing in the right direction? Good.

Okay. It’s time. Focus on the wish in your heart and slowly blow.

Release the fluff into the breeze. The seeds will carry your wish to heaven.

I hope your wish comes true.

Like in many parts of the world wishing on dandelions is an Appalachian tradition. In some versions the angels collect the fluff from the air and carry your wish to heaven. In other versions if the dandelion seed lands on you that means that your true love is wishing for you.

Some people think of dandelion as a weed but to our ancestors it was a valuable resource for food and medical care.

The image above was taken in my yard in West Virginia.

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