I was taking portraits for a friend last year at a track and field event. It was a nice overcast day. Perfect for outdoor portraits. As usual I was challenging myself to push the envelope on my skills and the competition provides plenty of opportunities. I was never a person who could compete in feats of agility and I’m always fascinated by the hurdles. I was a large framed man by age 14. 6 feet 3 inches tall and 250 pounds of muscle that could not jump. Needless to say that I found the petite young lady pictured here quiet impressive with her skills. Shortly after the picture was taken another wave of athletes came through gracefully bounding over the obstacles. I heard a voice behind me comment that she wished she could jump as well as the others. I turned to see the girl in picture. She had never saw herself competing. She didn’t know how well she did on the same course.

Most people are stronger than they know. Most people have never seen themselves through the eyes of another.

Let me tell you now that you were born to be a champion! Just because you have not seen yourself as a champion doesn’t mean that you’re not winning.

Maybe you’re like me. Maybe you don’t jump well. That s okay. Jumping just isn’t your competition. My sport was American Football. I could tackle and protect the quarterback. The jumpers didn’t always do well in my competition. Maybe you’re not an athlete at all. Well, I’ll bet your smart, funny and talented in other ways.

Whatever it is I want to know that you’re just as capable of success as anyone else. The rest is just practice and dedication to the goal.

I never planned to publish this image. But all day today I felt like God was telling me that someone needs to be encouraged. There’s a hurdle in your life that you don’t think you can overcome. God wants you to know that He gave you talent and abilities to succeed. Just practice and prepare. When it’s time to jump you’re gonna make it.

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