I was taught that in order to be art, an image must show the passage of time. Perhaps that has something to do with my being attracted to old barns and cars that have been left to rot away in the middle of a open field. Time is the thing that we’re all born with but never can hold. Not even with iron spikes and steel clamps. Day after day and night after night the elements slowly reclaim the iron. Not even heavy steel bolts and clamps can resist the entropy ( the idea that all things move towards disorder) of the universe. The rust will always come.

Scientists say that our universe should not exist. The nature of the universe is such that energy is easily lost but not easily gained. The implication is that something or someone is adding energy to keep it going.

We’re made of tough stuff. But even as strong as we are our bodies along with our minds and spirits require maintenance to keep the corruption away. Some days I feel like Superman! Other days I say that the Man Of Steel is showing some rust. On those latter days I have to seek out the energy source re-establish order in my little part of the universe.

Image was taken in Glen Farris West Virginia. Never disturb railroad hardware that you may find near the tracks. It’s actually theft.

13 thoughts on “Rust

    1. Thank you Connor. What if, the universe only allows entropy to go so far before the next cycle renews existence? Only the scale is so large that we can’t see upcycle? Think about a doughnut that’s rotating in on itself. Everything looks like it’s slow along the outer edge but the innermost point us gaining momentum. I’m not a physics guy but I think it’s what the universe should look like from the outside.


  1. You are full of wisdom and greatness within you that vividly shows in most of your pieces. Lime relating rust to real life is absolutely amazing. Keep it up. My mind is craving for good works like this ❤️

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