Reacting to Fear

When I was a kid I stepped onto old metallic bucket that was laying out in pasture. The bucket was rusted out and my foot went through the bottom of upside down bucket. Little did I know that I was invading the home of hundreds if not thousands of black hornets! The North American black hornets (Also known as the Bold Faced Hornet) is one of the most aggressive bees ever. By the time I pulled my foot out of their nest it was so covered with bees that you couldn’t see the color of my socks. Thankfully my grandfather was with me and was able to knock most of them off of me before they could sting. But the fear of being stung stayed with me well into my adult life. I have nearly wrecked cars and trampled children to escape from a bee that was buzzing around my head. The phobia of bees finally climaxed in the late 90s when while running from bees I got my same foot tangled up in the underbrush and broke my ankle. The details are kinda long but the bottom line is that I wound up having to hike two miles ( about 3 kilometers) out of the mountains on a broken leg. While I was healing I realized that it wasn’t the bees that caused my injuries. It wasn’t even the fear itself that caused my injuries. It was my reaction to the fear. That was the key. I couldn’t just turn the fear off anymore than I had turned it on. But with practice I could learn to control how I handled the fear. I began slowly approaching bees as they worked. Like any other living creatures they can sense fear. As I became more comfortable the bees did too! By facing my fears and consciously controlling my reactions I have overcome my fear. Today I am excited to find bees working on the flowers or even wasps and hornets on patrol for pests in my garden. I no longer have a panic attack when I hear buzzing nearby.

8 thoughts on “Reacting to Fear

    1. I actually wanted to be a pilot at one time. I also used to play on a cliff overhang as a kid. ( both in upcoming posts) I have had run ins with bears, helped rattlesnake wrangling and fought forest fires. No problem. One bee buzzing around my head and I used to scream like a little girl. Lol.

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