DIGITAL DOODLES 1. The birth of a star.

Sometimes when the photography projects are slow I like to do what I call digital doodling. Basically, I take a photo of a cloud or something (the image above was fireworks). Sometimes it’s food coloring suspended in water and add some out of box effects. Then I warp and bend and change color until the original object is unrecognizable. I usually wind up with swirling patterns of color. The whole idea is really just a creative exercise. The set here turned out well enough to publish. I tend to follow the concept of blending opposites. The set here are themed around the Yin/Yang icon seen in martial arts schools in America. The balance of opposing energies like fire and ice is something that I’ve always been fascinated with. The series of images should imply that the energies are coming together in the creative process.

Everything starts with potential.

Energy is derived from opposite potentials that interact.

The potential energies begin to move closer to each other.

As the energies come together they began to swirl.

The pattern tightens up with the synergy created.

Finally, there’s an explosion and a new star is born.

24 thoughts on “DIGITAL DOODLES 1. The birth of a star.

  1. So funny story…somehow I meant to comment this comment on another post. And I posted your comment on their post. Not sure how I did it but, but I will just say what I meant to say…Beautiful artwork 😍😍 Sorry for the confusion πŸ˜‚

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