Reel Life

There’s no better thing on this Earth than to be a ten year old boy with a fishing rod, a lake and no responsibility. The little guy in this photo ran into frame and had nothing on his mind except for getting a hook in the water. I was struck by the thought of a “Reel Life”. That’s not a typo. Reel life should always be part of real life and it’s only going to happen in “Reel Time”. Even if you’re not interested fishing at least make time to get close to nature. Human beings are just as much a part of this planet as any other wildlife. The time spent in fresh air and sunshine is not just good for the body but it also does wonders for the soul.

6 thoughts on “Reel Life

      1. Ni problem, its better to stay busy than to be bored, I hope your stuff goes well, maybe along the way I will be able to borrow a photo from you, and if you ever change your mind there is a spot for you waiting.

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