Oh Deer! Where Did You Come From?!

Living close to nature means interesting neighbors. They are generally good natured and tend to keep to themselves. Oh sure there’s the occasional dispute over who owns the garden but for the most part they don’t bother anyone. Being the outgoing personality that I am, I decided to walk over and check on her after a long hard winter. However, she didn’t seem to be happy that I interrupted her breakfast. In fact, she looked downright stressed that I was there. “Hello, how’s it going?” I spoke in a nice soft tone. She refused to answer. Once more I tried to start a pleasant conversation. “I see you made it through the winter ok.” Can you believe that she just stomped her foot and snorted off? How rude was that? But in her defense I was there unannounced and she probably hadn’t had her morning coffee 😉

14 thoughts on “Oh Deer! Where Did You Come From?!

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    Guest Blog Post: “Oh Deer! Where Did You Come From?!” in Lloyd’s exact words

    People, animals, or landscapes, fellow blogger and photographer Lloyd’s pictures always go straight to the soul. Here he’s captured the quizzical face of a dear deer. The West Virginia resident writes, “She’s shedding her winter coat but it like she has “bed head”…

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  2. Oh look at that she looks lovely! I’m really in awe with the quality of your photographs and I’m sure it’s not because of the camera alone, it’s because you’re so good at it. ♥️

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