The Flow

I wonder what you’ve seen on your journey from the top of the mountain.

You seem to pass through the mountains from a source unknown.

You slip along the the rocky ground playfully giggling and jumping the whole way.

You turn over every stone in your path.

You carry sticks and use them to tap out a marching tune that expresses the joy in your heart.

Not being one to turn away from a dare you leapt the edge of the earth and dove into the cavernous depths below.

You explored every inch of the underworld and exploded from the other side of the unseen to join in the course below.

Where are you going? What will see before you get there?

12 thoughts on “The Flow

  1. Metaphorically magical and beautiful. I felt like you were talking to me and asking me that question at the end lol love this! The photo is just superb. I just went hiking and the reward is to get massaged by the splash of falls at my back, water is too cold but the flow is not that heavy so anyone can swim. 😊 btw, whenever you take pictures of the nature, you make your readers look at the more in depth message that lies in it. It has that effect on me so yea great job β™₯️

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