The Road Ends In Silence

I dreamt about a world of steel and concrete.

A world where the pace was hectic and one dare not stumble for fear of the crowd.

As I walked along in time with the daily march into chaos there was a gate unguarded.

I took the chance and walked through the threshold as the outside world vanished behind me.

No more hustle and bustle.

Steel and Glass gave way to open sky. Leaving only the wind.

Pavement crumbles away into earth.

Echoes fade into oblivion as I walked at different pace.

This road ends in silence.

12 thoughts on “The Road Ends In Silence

      1. Really liked the use of the word “unguarded”. I think, true treasures are usually unguarded only, people are too busy guarding things that they think are “theirs”… šŸ™‚

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