Feeling a little shy?

For those who are looking forward to the next installment of The Silent Road I should have it ready in the next few days.

A couple of days ago I was parking the truck and suddenly had the strange feeling that I was being watched. I glanced around and noticed someone peeking out from behind a clump of leaves. I’m not sure what I was doing that was so interesting but I got amused by the “less than expert camouflage”. I suppose in squirrel world nobody can see you as long as you believe with all your heart that you’re invisible.

11 thoughts on “Feeling a little shy?

  1. He’s spying on you to see if there are any nuts in your car and if so, how best to smuggle it out… he’s formulating a master-plan. They are sneaky. πŸ˜‚ We have squirrels climbing onto our balcony and they just stare at us.

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