Born With A Purpose

I believe that we’re all born for a purpose. Each person on planet earth has a work that they were born to do. A fortunate few will find a way to earn living while living within their purpose but most of us will have to have a “second life”. No matter how it’s done living your purpose is like nothing else. It’s not like regular work where your constantly checking the clock. Instead it’s tranquility. The little honeybee in the feature image was living her purpose. Nothing else in her world existed except the flowers. She seemed to be in a state of total bliss as she moved from bloom to bloom collecting her pollen. She was an inspiration for me to take more time to live life a way that fulfills my purpose.

14 thoughts on “Born With A Purpose

  1. I’m in that moment where I know what my purpose is but I have no idea how I’m going to get there. I wish somebody could do the detail work for me but I know I have to do it myself because it’s still my purpose and no one else’s.

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  2. Makes me feel blessed! A good reminder to keep doing what you love and put justice on your purpose. Again, amazing metaphor right there. I’m so impressed. ♥️

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