Tonight as I tried to decide what image I wanted to post I kept coming back to the series that I call “The Water Walkers”. They make it look so easy. I’ve never been able to stand up straight on a skateboard and I’m pretty sure that a paddle board would fly right out from under me as well. But as I look at the people riding them out in front of Kanawha Falls I have to admit that it seems like fun. As humans we seem to be driven to challenge ourselves. There’s a certain thrill to overcoming an obstacle and we have that sense of accomplishment. The challenge doesn’t have to be physical. It can be anything you choose. If you’re a foodie it might be the moment that you perfect that special dish. Whatever the challenge the important thing is that you keep rising to challenge until you overcome.

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Tonight’s Feature Image is titled “Water Walker 2”. While this image isn’t for sale I do want to remind you that I am available for portrait sessions by appointment. To inquire a portrait session either message me on Facebook or use the Contact Form on my website.

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