Summersville Lake At Dusk & Thoughts On Mental Rest

As sun sets over the lake the fading light falls gently onto the water showing me the mirror world once more. A place where dreams and reality merge together to inspire one to wonder what if. It doesn’t really matter what the “what if” is. What matters is a moment that takes you to another place or another time. It gives us a chance to break away from the mundane and push away the pressures of modern life. The stories change depending on the mood of the observer. Sometimes it’s a romance, sometimes adventure. Maybe that moment will provide us with a deep thought that helps us solve problems in the real world. Sometimes it’s not a dream at all and we receive inspiration directly from God. Whatever the moment brings it comes with a sense of peace. That moment is just as essential for health as clean air, clean water and good food. It comes to me even as I am writing this, how important it is to have a well rested mind. If we push our bodies too hard without being replenished we know pretty quickly that we’ve messed up. If we feed our bodies nothing but junk food they break down. We’re low on energy, we have sickness and are easily injured. And, if we push our minds too hard without rest and feed our thoughts nothing but junk we can damage our mental health. It’s not as obvious at first but it’s there. Our clarity of thought breaks down, we are more easily distracted and (if I am right ) can suffer some form of mental injury. ( injuries often preceded illness). Furthermore, we are three part beings. Body, mind and spirit. In order for us to function on healthy level all three parts must function well. Our bodies must be well rested and fed properly. Our minds must be clear and fed properly. And our Spirits must be prayed up and fed properly. If one part of our whole being is out of balance then it won’t be too much longer before rest of our person suffers.

So let me encourage everyone that it’s not only okay to take a few moments to enjoy some peace and be inspired but it’s essential to our well being as humans.

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7 thoughts on “Summersville Lake At Dusk & Thoughts On Mental Rest

  1. This is wonderful, Lloyd. I wish I had read this in December and yes, I know, it was a few days ago, but my God, there’s so much sense in this. It would have been a wake-up call. But I will remember this lesson in the future. 💖

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    1. My Natural sleep cycle is short but about once per week I really crash. One of the reasons why I am trying to become more self sufficient financially is because my natural sleep cycle should include a nap in the afternoon. ( my mother’s side of the family all do this)

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