Snow Day!

The second polar blast of deep winter is just a few days away. It’s normal for us get a couple of these from late January to mid February and not uncommon for early March. As a kid I would always be excited to hear about a winter storm warning on the news because that meant the possibility of a snow day. Now, for some of my readers who live in warmer climates I understand that you may not fully appreciate the art of the the snow day. Have no fear, I will guide you through it. 😉

First, as soon as the morning alarm goes off you need to jump out of bed and run to the window. Do you see snow? If it’s snowing heavily then that’s a good sign but it’s not a snow day yet. Next run into the living room and turn on the news. In the old days the weatherman/girl would read the list of closed schools but today the list just scrolls across the screen or you get a notification on your app that school has been called off. Once you’ve confirmed that your school is on the list you’ll need to have a talk with mom and dad. Be mature, if they suspect that shenanigans are afoot you’re going to wind up with a babysitter. If you have access to a little brother or sister now’s the time to help them with breakfast. It’s important that mom and dad see you as capable of taking are of things. Once mom and dad have left the house in your capable hands you should spend the rest of the morning under you’re favorite blanket watching cartoons with your dog and younger sibling. Cartoons in the old days usually lasted until mid morning. In my case that’s about the time that a grandparent would make an appearance. If it was my Grandfather then there’s a chance that sleds will be hooked up to the tractor and the shenanigans are about to begin. More than likely he’s been out all morning preparing the sled run by packing the snow with the tractor tires or creating a path to pull us all over the farm. By lunchtime the ride is over and everyone goes inside for hot Cocoa and a toasted peanut butter sandwich. The rest of the day is spent alternating between sledding and cocoa until it’s time for mom and dad to come home again. Missing a day or two of school due to snow didn’t really make a difference in my education however an extra day with my Grandfather is an experience that enriched my whole life.

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3 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen sledding in the U.K. with my own eyes, sadly. 😭 unless, does the time I slipped on a slope and rolled backwards count? Ouch, that was painful. I’ve always seen depictions of snow day in US sitcoms and in the diary of a Wimpy Kid series, it seems like a big deal for you guys, patiently waiting to see if you’ll be able to skip school and go sledding. 🙂 I must do it one day just to see what the fuss is about! I don’t remember how it’s like in the U.K. because school was never called off sadly even if we were all knee deep in snow in the playground. Ah, the nostalgia is hitting me hard. 😪

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