How We Made Post Updates Back In Day

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Ecclesiastes 1:9 teaches us that “there is no new thing under the sun.” One might think that a status update via public post is a new idea but that’s not quite true. There was a time when you could find out what was going on in town by reading it on a public post. It wasn’t always an actual wooden fence post like the one in the feature image but there was “status updates” and even fake news. ( Trust me, I called 867-5309 and they have no idea who Jenny is! 😉) Even in old days we had trolling. Often the inflammatory remarks were scrawled on side of a bus stop or in a phone booth. (Similar to T.A.R.D.I.S. from Dr.Who only the same size inside and out.) The toughest part was changing your status. That would require a can of spray paint or sandpaper and in the most extreme cases an angle grinder might be needed. It wasn’t really uncommon to walk into a school gym locker room and see the coach supervising a young man as he scrubbed away at the inside of a locker. Several years ago I acquired an antique school principal’s desk. It was in decent shape and I still own it today but when I pulled out the drawers to clean it up I found a treasure trove of “statuses” under some of the drawers. ( a few that aren’t appropriate for public display). It seems that we are hardwired to leave our marks behind. At first I thought that I should clean up graffiti from under the desk drawers but then I thought about the discovery I was robbing from some future archaeologist as they try to decipher the codes. I also have an interest in petroglyphs. Those mysterious drawings carved into stone from the forgotten past. The real anthropologists say that all of them are “shamanic visions” and “hunting magic” but I have to wonder. If we could really read them fluently how many petroglyphs would read like a Facebook feed? Is that cave painting really just “caveman Bob” letting us know that the wife made the most awesome woolly mammoth BBQ last night? Remember that there’s no new thing under the sun.

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