Mental Vacation

Tonight’s Feature Image is titled “Catching A Break At Kanawha Falls “. If you would like to purchase a copy please use the contact instructions at the bottom of the page.

Feeling the warm sun on my face today was very welcome change indeed. I wasn’t really able to get out and explore due to my day job but I able to step outside for a few minutes and breath the fresh air while focusing on tonight’s feature image of Kanawha Falls. Mentally I place myself in a comfortable spot near the water and pull up a large piece of driftwood for a seat. The breeze coming off of the falls is charged with oxygen and the sounds of the river pushes away all of mental clutter. Looking deeper into the scene brings me to the base of the falls where I can feel the spray. The large fish drift by beneath me going no place in particular. Time loses all meaning, as the moment encompasses eternity. To the outside world it’s just a few minutes but to me touching that moment was just enough to leave me refreshed. The buzzing of my smartphone summons my to return from my instant vacation but as the season continues to change there will more opportunities for more pictures to fuel my imagination. For now I’ll close my app and return to mundane world of an office chair while carrying the sunshine inside in the form of the a photo.

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