The Make Believe Robots

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I’ve always loved the coin operated binoculars found in parks and recreation areas. I’ve commented before that they remind me of the goofy robots from every B science fiction movie that I’ve ever seen. Maybe it’s the combination of wrought iron and chrome or the fact that they seem to have that expressionless face that makes me think I should be seeing the saucers at any moment. Especially when I notice the one closest to my lens seems have his head cocked to one side as if trying to understand the human. And I can’t really blame him for being perplexed at the middle aged man with the camera who took his time making sure that all the “robots” were looking at the camera and commanded them to say cheese as he snapped the shutter. I’m a huge advocate of not taking adulthood so seriously that you can’t act a little silly in public. Especially when you have all of these blank stares looking back at you. Before gathering my gear and moving to the subject I gave my make believe robot commander the name “B-9” and instructed him to wait for the next human. I’m certain that he and his brethren stood there at full attention until a coin was dropped in the slot. Today we have real world robots that live in the internet and interact with us via our phones and tablets. We even have fully autonomous vehicles and aircraft but to me nothing says robot like a blank stare on a chrome face.

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