Tonight’s Feature Image is titled “The High Road ” and was taken on Fayette Station Road. Tonight’s bonus Image is titled “Up Up And Away” and was taken in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

I think most people resist confinement. In my area winter keeps me inside most of the time and by February I’m feeling claustrophobic. I feel the need to escape up some mountain pass well away from the noise of civilization. I could load up the Big Blue Truck and drive until the road ends and then drive a little more. But once I reach the top of the mountain then what? I could park on the ridge and hitch a ride in a hot air balloon!

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It’s really all about finding some peace of mind in a world that places constant demands on your attention. However, turning myself into a real life Phileas Fogg does have a certain amount of appeal. I can imagine myself floating high above the mountains and snapping beautiful aerial landscapes as I pass. I could write notes to my friends and fold them into paper airplanes and drop them as I pass by. And, because Amazon delivers by drone I could resupply without landing. The two biggest problems about this kind of escape from the noisy world would be plumbing and drive through windows. Dealing with a drive through window could be resolved by simply lowering a bucket by rope. Plumbing on the other hand might take a little more creativity. Of course one would have to land occasionally. What good is being able to freely travel the world if you don’t land and fully experience new places? Perhaps I can design my balloon with a bay for my big blue truck. I could land in a open field and drive into the city long enough to enjoy a show and have a meal. Then as soon as I’ve had my fill of civilization I could return to the blue wilderness among the clouds. But eventually even the most ardent adventurer gets homesick. No matter how much you enjoy going wherever the wind takes you that longing for the green forests and blue mountains of home. Perhaps my balloon would have a propeller and a rudder for the specific purpose of returning to the Allegheny plateau and the people that I love.

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10 thoughts on “Escape

  1. Going on a hot air balloon is something I have to do at least once, I donโ€™t know if I ever will, but if I can find someone whoโ€™s not scared, like me, I canโ€™t wait to do it! My aunt wanted to go recently but was put off because it was reported that someone had taken a ride on a hot air balloon and it had caught on fire… which is terrifying. I donโ€™t know how common this is, thereโ€™s always danger attached to anything adventurous though.

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    1. This one is in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. It’s very large. I don’t really know how many people can fit in it but it’s a lot. I wanted to go on this one but we opted for a helicopter ride instead. I never really saw fire on this balloon and would not be surprised if it was helium instead of hot air. (Perhaps the next time I go to Dollywood I’ll ask around and find out) It also seems to be under power because it always returned to the same spot it took off from.


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