What Did She Say?

Hello Friends! Tonight’s feature image is of Fayette County as seen from Nicholas County West Virginia. The image is titled “First Winter1” because it was the winter photo that ever took with a serious camera. If you would like to purchase a copy please see the instructions at the bottom of the page.

I woke up this morning with a cold chill running down my spine and stared blankly at the ceiling. Yesterday’s story played out over and over again in my head. It has finally happened… I was wrong. How could I ever face the day? Well. Actually it’s pretty easy. All humour aside I do need to straighten out an inaccurate statement from my last post. The ” 4 days until Spring statement. The funny thing is that I knew better. Yes Spring is close but it’s still about a month or so away. The first “official day of Spring is March 20th. Not March 1st. So how did it happen? I was able to locate a term for what happened but there should be one. I committed a basic internet rookie error. I trusted the answer provided by the Google Assistant without using a common sense filter. In my defense let me provide exhibit 1. A screen shot of Google’s misleading answer.

Now honestly I knew better and I got caught up in confirmation bias. You see, I wanted the answer that I got and turned a blind eye to the accuracy of the search results. Which brings me to the main point of tonight’s post. How much should we trust technology? In the age of instant knowledge can we be so quick to abandon objectivity? Well, last night’s post is an example of why we need to be vigilant about checking the source of information. For me the result was some minor embarrassment and looking silly. Y’know what? That happens to everyone for one reason or another and it happens more often than most people care to admit. There’s no real harm done. But what if I had been researching something more serious like first aid or how to make an emergency vehicle repair? The list can go on but the point is that the answer you want to be hear may not be the right answer. As for last night’s post I did update the word “calendar” in the second sentence to the word “Google” and added an update to bottom of the article for the purpose of honesty. And, while the countdown to Spring is a little longer than 3 to 4 days it’s not as long as it was when the days were shorter and the nights were colder.

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5 thoughts on “What Did She Say?

  1. Oh, yeah, google shouldn’t be so easily trusted. In Muslim culture, we term it as sheikh google (sheikh means scholar), and when actual sheikh’s hear wrong information about Islam, the person is often asked if they got their answer from sheikh google lol. I recall seeing an actress being listed with two different birth dates, google claiming one and Instagram claiming the other, I just went on the celebs insta and found out that the Instagram one was correct. Truth is, anyone can put information on the internet, similarly, an interviewee’s words might be taken out of context and misinterpreted. We can really only fact check from actual reliable sources that have a proven record of accuracy and whatever information you’re looking for, different sources will provide that.

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    1. I was a little embarrassed but “no blood, no fouls”. ( I don’t know if they say this in the UK. Basically it comes from playing rough sports and means there’s no penalty because no one was actually harmed.) I repeated the inquiry a few times after posting this one discovered that I rephrased the question as “how many days until the first OFFICIAL day of Spring that I got the correct answer.


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