Meet Me In The Middle

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I like to take the back roads whenever my schedule allows me to. It’s not just the slower pace. The landscape is less cluttered and so is the road. Last fall while traveling to meet a client for portraits I decided to take an alternate route. I had not been able to make it out to Nallen West Virginia in a few of years. I was looking for a particular structure but either I missed it or it’s gone. I did however spot the bridge in the feature image. As you can see the bridge is incomplete. I didn’t have to make too many guesses to figure out that the bridge was lost in the flooding of 2016. For someone in this area the way was lost and it was lost in a tragedy. But, I do notice that the foundation is still there. Where there’s a foundation there’s hope to rebuild. It’s not going to be easy. I imagine that the formula of blood, sweat and tears will be a must in the process. It’s also a job that’s too big for one person. The most efficient way to rebuild the bridge is for someone on the other side to begin repairs and for the two of them to meet in the middle.

We use the idiom “building bridges” whenever we refer to repairing a damaged relationship. Sometimes it’s one side involved that might have burned the bridge and sometimes it’s just a random disaster. Either way that bridge is gone and it’s too big of a job for one person to rebuild by themselves. Even if they try and work day and night it’s going to take a lot more time than it should. The job might even be so taxing that the person who is the only one trying to build might give up in frustration. Even with two sides working to rebuild a bridge that formula of blood, sweat and tears is probably going to be required.

I normally try to bring my posts to full circle before I close but tonight I think that I need to end on the previous thoughts. I don’t really have a clue why the bridge in the feature image out. But I do think that there’s a lot of the metaphorical bridges that are out simply because the job was too big for one side to complete by themselves.


I’m not just speaking of romantic relationships. It’s my belief that this thought applies to friendships, business relationships, church outreach programs, politics and any other relationships. We all have something to gain by building and something to loose if we don’t.

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2 thoughts on “Meet Me In The Middle

  1. I very much agree. Some relationships can be saved if two people try, but if it’s not a two way street, it just won’t work. Granted, there will be moments where one person will have to do the heavy lifting, but eventually, the other should lift or reciprocate. So much to learn in life, a life that that doesn’t last forever either *sigh*

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