On Thought Patterns And External Influences

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The early morning hours seem to be the best time seek out a quiet place where I can find my center. I like to get out away from the house for this when I can. A lot of times when I stay in I’m tempted to turn on the news or I’m distracted by the to do list. It’s impossible for me to pursue a moment of peace when the rest of the world is whispering a list of problems into my ear. Sometimes I turn on some music and sometimes I have a podcast playing but mostly I shut off all stimulation just for a while. The point of the exercise is to let go of the outside world and rest my mind so I prioritize my day or search for inspiration. The outside world has so many voices vying for your attention that your own voice can be lost in the crowd. I remember singing”Oh Be Careful Little Eyes” in Sunday school class as a very small child. We would learn the lesson by song and as young children but did we comprehend it? I’m not really able to go into a lot of detail without the post becoming unbearably long but those things that humans are exposed to by what we see and hear can become a part of our self identity. If you notice the first two verses are passive actions. Namely watching and listening. The rest of song is proactive. Those actions are speaking, doing, going and thinking. When taken as a whole we see that what the children ( in the song) see and hear influences what they do. This is a real phenomenon that’s not limited to children. It’s more pronounced in children but adults do it as well. And think about all the negative thoughts that we’re exposed to on a daily basis. Angry voices in the news, in music, on T.V. shows and in the movies and now on social media. All this anger becomes normalized and internalized to the observer. It’s like a parasite of the spirit. But there’s good news as well. Positive thoughts can take the same route and become internalized as well. And by taking a few minutes every day to break the negative cycle and weaken that pattern it becomes less prominent in our subconscious easier to overcome.

I’m not always able to get out and find those quiet places. In fact it’s actually a challenge. So when I am able I use my camera to bottle that moment and tuck it away for later. I pull out the photo and recall that moment of peace whenever I need that boost of solitude.

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2 thoughts on “On Thought Patterns And External Influences

  1. I think people underestimate the effect of what we read, watch and consume, both kids and adults are impressionable and do not possess the ability to accurately self-reflect. I don’t think we can always consciously use entertainment as a way to internalise positivity, I think faith in one’s religion is the best way to gain positivity.

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    1. This is true. So… my first attempt at college was as a psychology major. (8 years of higher education and I have no degree. Go figure). I became fascinated with hypnosis and actually got pretty good at it for a student. One of the lessons learned from experimenting with hypnosis was that critical thinking skills tend to nullify the effects of suggestion and that I could shield myself and others from negative influences by encouraging critical thinking.


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