May I Present To You Mr & Mrs House Finch

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I stood carefully in the fork of the Chestnut tree my uncle and I planted all those years ago. I have my camera resting in the lower branches. I’ve been watching the feeder as all the different kinds of birds fly in and out. The sound of fluttering wings passes by the right side of my head so close that I thought he was either going to land or crash into me. I held very still and braced for a peck or a scratch from tiny talons. But there was nothing. I could tell by the sound that he had simply buzzed my head and turned away. He never came into my field of vision until the 3rd approach. That last time he landed on the feeder and called out a few times. It was at that moment that I realized what he was doing. He was testing my tolerance for his presence. In his little feathered mind if I show aggression when he taunts me then it’s not not safe for her. Now that I’ve been tested and deemed to be of no threat he brings her in. She comes in low and from the left to join him. He maintains the higher perch so he can keep watch as they eat. Always the perfect gentleman, he feeds her first. This is actually normal courtship among the house finches. She flutters her wings and gently plants bird kisses on him by pecking his beak softly. What was captured in the feature image was the moment when she opened her mouth to be fed. Which he did in typical bird fashion. This courtship went on for several minutes before they suddenly flew off together. That was a month or so ago and I suspect that by now there’s a clutch of eggs tucked safely away in a dense evergreen or even on top of a gutter spout that’s out of the weather. And like all love stories should end, they lived happily ever after.

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