The Traveler’s Nap

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A traveler wonders from the road and comes to rest by the little waterfall on the edge of an unexplored forest. He removed the pack that he’s carried for miles and takes a seat at the base of the falls. As he listens to the songbirds and the water his mind and body agree that it’s time to get some rest. He’ll just lower the brim of his hat a little and block out the sun for a few minutes. Well, that was his idea anyway. But before long the music of the birds and the water fade away into the distance and he sleeps. A few of smaller creatures are curious enough to nervously approach the sleeping traveler. A squirrel sneaks down the trunk of the tree and deftly hangs upside down from the hat. The lines in his face look like tree bark but he’s not made of wood. And the squirrel leaves. A songbird lands on his chest and softly tugs at his beard. But he’s not made of straw or twigs so he nests somewhere else. A salamander creeps up to the traveler’s outstretched leg and wiggles up under his pant leg. But it’s not made of moss. “Too dry.” He says as he crawls back out to continue his search. A toad takes one vigorous hop and lands abruptly on the toe of the traveler’s boot. He puffs out his chest and croaks. The boot is soft from the miles walked but it’s not a toadstool and he leaps away. Suddenly a chipmunk darts out from a nearby hollow log. Without even slowing down he runs up the sleeve of the sleeping traveler’s jacket and exits the other sleeve. The chipmunk halts on the man’s folded hands and huffs. “Not a very good tunnel. It comes out in the same place it starts.” And the chipmunk scurries off. The traveler yawned and stretched. He raises to feet and brushes the litter from his clothes. He looks around before gathering his pack and sighs. “I was really hoping to see some wildlife on this trip” he thinks as he steps back onto the road.

The moral of the story is Don’t allow the journey you’re on tire you to the point where you miss the adventure.

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17 thoughts on “The Traveler’s Nap

  1. Amazing perspective in this picture! The frame is so full and it almost makes me feel like I’m really standing under those trees 🙂

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    1. Thank you Frances ❤ I have a secret trick to gaining that perspective. Well, it's not really that secret. I put my camera in panoramic mode an shoot vertically instead of horizontal. It doesn't always work out. Some images take a lot of effort to debug. But when it works it works well.

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      1. no timeline – did you get a chance to take a look at the list on the link? you’re welcome to run by me a couple of things might be fun for you first

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      2. just a thought – should be relatively quick & easy for you – how about a little from your wife about her book publishing experience or learning, with a couple of your photos? or a few points from you about how to take decent blog photos?

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      1. I haven’t had any log in issues. My biggest problem with Facebook is that my page was registered as a business and instead of generating new leads Facebook wants me to pay to have my posts show up in the feeds of people who have already followed me. It’s like a Mafia tactic.

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