The paved a road over me but I sprouted anyway.

The put up a fence to keep me out but climbed onto the fence and used it to reach skyward.

Then men came with saws and in anger they cut me down and hauled off my crown. I was devastated for a season. But my roots are strong and deep and in defiance I rose again.

I will not give up.

I will not yield.

I will live and I will flourish in this place where God planted me in spite of all challenges.

I am determined.

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I have passed by this tree stump every day for more than fifteen years but I never really noticed it. Modern life is lived at sixty five miles per hour and it’s easy to overlook the details when you’re just trying to make your destination on time. However, I was forced to stop in front of stump by a construction zone and noticed the guardrail running through the tree. I couldn’t believe that I had not ever noticed it before standing just a few feet away from the current guardrail. But when I saw it I couldn’t unsee it. It was one of those things that called for to me to tell it’s story.

I thought about the conditions it must have had to sprout in. It would have been mowed down several times before reaching a size too large for the mower to cut. It was in the process of absorbing the guardrail when it was cut down. Now I see new leaves sprouting up from the stump. The tree embodies the the definition of determination. The drive to thrive regardless of adversity.

Being determined doesn’t mean that there won’t be a struggle or that you won’t be knocked down. Instead it means not giving up before you overcome.

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8 thoughts on “Determination

  1. That tree is incredible growing where it has, I can see why you felt the need to write about it. Determination is a nice way to look at it, it’s great that something new may grow from it again.

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  2. Great photo, great blog. Trees are sometimes better than human… it was quite a long struggle but it has survived and determined to grow. I wish I have that kind of determination☺️ Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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