Wild Geranium & Morning Quiet Time

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The rain drizzles down softly into last year’s fallen leaves as I carefully place my foot into the underbrush. The little spot on the edge of my yard has become a sanctuary for the native Appalachian wildflowers. The pinkish purple bloom of the wild geranium stands out against the dull brown of the forest floor. It’s a cool spring morning and the tiny droplets catch the light enough to shimmer like little gemstones. The sound of the water gently flowing through the hills is broken only by the occasional call of the cardinals in the distance. The breeze carries the scent of wood smoke from the neighbors place upstream.

It’s a blessing in and of itself to be able to start the day with a tranquil moment and center yourself.

I often wonder where all the great thinkers are today. We have advanced science and technology that is on the edge of what was fiction when I was young. Just the internet alone was a fantasy straight from the silver screen. We have all the power and knowledge at our fingertips in the form of a little black box that holds the some knowledge of mankind as a whole but do we ever actually think? Do we ever take time to contemplate our place in the world? Do we ever get a chance for more than collapsing in a chair in a state of total exhaustion while the t.v. or the internet does our thinking for us?

There’s definitely a difference between a full life and a busy life. If you don’t have a chance to catch at least a few minutes of quiet time then one has to wonder if life is just busy. I have made a commitment to steal back at least five minutes per day to take a deep breath and push away the outside world with all if it’s distraction and frustration. And, I feel so much more fulfillment in my day.

The drizzle slows to an eventual stop and the forest smells fresh and clean even with wood smoke from the neighbors fire. I feel renewed as a step back into my yard and cross the wet grass to start my day.

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