Things Are Just Ducky #3 ( A Duck On The Run)

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The rest of the flock looked on as George zipped by as fast as his webbed toes would carry him. The rest of the flock all looked into the bushes but there was no fox. They strained their ears but there was no yipping of a coyote. They glanced skyward but there was no hawks.

Again the unmistakable sounds of flat feet slapping wet sand approached the flock and sure enough here came George in a blur of feathers. Back and forth George ran in no particular pattern. And he was quacking like crazy!

Finally, his best friend Ralph jumped out into George’s path and spread out his wings in an effort to stop the frantic George. Ralph winced slightly expecting to be knocked down by George. “What are you running from?” Ralph asked. “Not running from, running to.” George replied as he huffed to catch his breath. Ralph knowing that his friend was prone to unconventional thought processes adjusted the question. “Okay then, what are running to?” “To get finished of course, now let me through!” George insisted with a panicked quack. Ralph, still obstructing George’s progress, continued to press the issue. Finally, George broke down and quacked off a long list of goals that had to be done. “Are you actually accomplishing anything by darting around in a panic?” Ralph queried. “A little bit.” George replied as he continued to try and find a way around Ralph. As Ralph interrogated George it came out that George had the bright idea to start several projects at once in an effort to accomplish more in a shorter time span. But all of his tasks were on opposite sides of the lake. He was running back and forth trying to maintain what he started with little impact on the overall goal and calling it “multitasking”.

Multitasking is a bit of a buzzword in the modern world. As individuals have more and more demands placed on their ever diminishing time the expectations are to split the focus and accomplish more. But it’s an illusion. Multitasking is a poor attempt at function stacking. Think of multitasking as trying to run a load of laundry and dishwasher at the same time while taking a shower. Most of our homes simply don’t have enough of a hot water supply to handle it all at the same time and none of the tasks are accomplished effectively. Where as function stacking is more like carrying out the the trash and coming back with the mail. The two tasks are parallel but don’t require the same resource simultaneously. It’s a more effective use of resources.

So, whatever happened to George? Well, Ralph being the awesome friend that he is not only helped George to get organized but he and a few more from the flock pitched in and took over some of the things that George had started.

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