Basic Elements

Hello Friends! Tonight’s feature image is titled “Basic Elements ” and is available for purchase by following the instructions at the bottom of the article.

There are only three basic shapes in the known universe. The point, the Ray ( or line ) and the curve. Everything our eyes perceive is simply our brain’s interpretation of the way theses shapes are organized. Even a Jackson Pollock painting can be broken down into the three prime shapes. The only real difference is the complexity and arrangement of the elements.

Sometimes life gets really complex. On those days helps to break things down to their basic elements. Instead of the point like we have in art it’s the goal. In place of the Ray it’s the method and in place of the curve it’s the adjustment. The basic elements of life. All other elements are just patterns based on the three basics. Thus, the complexity can be dismantled and better understood. As the pattern builds and repeats it becomes easier to anticipate the next element.

The next thing is variance. We as humans are drawn to repeating patterns but we also have a need for variety. One of the reasons why I named tonight’s feature image “Basic Elements” is because of the repeated patterns. When I was first starting to learn photography as a form of fine art it was suggested that the more triangles that I could include the better the image would be received. “People like triangles” the lecturer said. Tonight’s image is full of triangular shapes but not rows of triangles. They are scattered across the picture as are the points and curves. This gives the eye something to find in different parts of picture in a way that keeps it from being boring.

We need variance in our lives. Routine is great for dependability but quickly degrades into monotony. Planning variance in our daily routine helps us avoid boredom and have a more fulfilling life pattern. It might be as simple as taking a different route to work or listening to a different style of music as we go about the daily tasks but breaking up the pattern is what’s important.

As looked through the broken bow of wreck I noticed that all of the elements were contained in the image presented to me as well as a few not covered in this post. It was time to snap the shutter and move on to the next opportunity. The big blue truck waits for me in the shade of the nearby forest and I can hear the call of the road beckoning me to come and find the next destination. That too is a pattern that I must follow.

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