Things Are Just Ducky #7

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George the mallard crossed the wake of the passing boat and came to rest on his favorite submerged log. “The ripples connect everything.” He observed as he soaked in the sun’s warmth. He watched as the wake spread out from shore to shore. Even the mighty Kanawha River wasn’t too wide for the wake to travel. George began to consider how small the world truly was. He noticed that even the rings made by the water lapping against his brest traveled farther than he’d ever noticed. He considered how his every action in the river touched his whole world. “It’s very important to mind myself. One bad splash could soak my friends!” He thought to himself as watch the wake reflecting off of every object in the river and travel back to his spot on the log. As an expiriment George flapped his wings and made a splash that traveled to the near shore and back again. “What I send out comes back to me. If I send out good things then goodness should be my reward.” He observed. George noticed a potato chip that had been dropped by a boat floating near the shore. George began to flap his wings in time with the ripples. With each returning wave the potato chip bounced closer until it was within reach. As George snapped up the chip he began to appreciate the virtue of working smarter and not harder. “Yes, good things indeed.” He said as he rubbed his belly in satisfaction.

George settled back into his spot on the submerged log and once again soaked in the sunshine with a new perspective on life in the river.

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14 thoughts on “Things Are Just Ducky #7

  1. I captured some ducks this weekend and two or three photos with various pairs of ducks “in conversation.” I actually thought about your duck series and wonder what story you can put together based on the pics. Maybe, I’ll post them next week for Wordless Wednesday or Microblog Monday. Then, you can have even more duck fun! Oh, but if you go to the Instagram part of my page, you can see a tiny pic of ducks in a pond. Click it so you can get a closer look at what’s going on…I think you’ll find it hilarious.

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      1. There was a little girl and boy there Saturday afternoon feeding the ducks straight out of their hands (which I thought was a little dangerous). They apparently visit the ducks regularly–they recognized and called them by the names they’d given them.

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      2. Oh yeah. One of the podcasts that listen to is a guy who farms ducks. He says that almost all domestic ducks were bred from the mallard. He also says that in some ways ducks are easier to train than dogs. When he puts his away for the night he walks out and yells “all you ducks go to bed”and they line up and march into the pen. Any wild animal can be dangerous but ducks get used to humans fairly easy.

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      3. Wow! Trained ducks! I wonder if someone can do something with the overpopulation of Canadian geese in these parts. They take over everywhere and they don’t care about anyone’s need to get anywhere!

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