Evening Drive In Summertime

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The humid summer air blows through the can of the big blue truck as I cross the top of the dam. Summer is a time for leaving the windows down and the radio up.

As a young man it was important to visit all the parking lots on summer evenings so that you could catch up with your friends. Today the restaurant at the top of the dam is Fat Eddie’s but in those days it was a Dairy Queen. I remember once when the girls convened everyone to tune in the same radio station so that the same music was playing all through the group. I can’t really remember who’s idea it was in the first place but I remember someone saying “Music brings us together.” The lake in summer will be associated with the music of the 80s. Something that seems to be missing from music entertainment is the voice of the DJ. I know that today music artists call themselves “DJ” but I’m talking about the announcers that delivered a monologue between sets. Today we have a playlist on our phone or other device that delivers a continuous stream of song but the friend who rode with you everywhere is missing. On one of my devices I have a few clips from DJs worked into the mix for “old times sake”.

When I approached the dam and the evening sky all the memories seemed come back at once. A lot of things have changed since the responsibly free summer evenings of my youth. But crossing the dam with the windows down and music up isn’t one of them.

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11 thoughts on “Evening Drive In Summertime

  1. hope alll is will with you, Lloyd; yesterday i was skimming over site of mine where I could have set your video, the twang of the steel guitar sounds excellent, or something like that – anyway the soundtrack of the soul of your page is very good! \ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDcrY6w8oY8

    On Tue, Jul 9, 2019 at 11:42 PM LLOYD’S LENS PHOTOGRAPHY LLC wrote:

    > lloydslensphotographyllc posted: ” The humid summer air blows through the > can of the big blue truck as I cross the top of the dam. Summer is a time > for leaving the windows down and the radio up. As a young man it was > important to visit all the parking lots on summer evenings so that you” >

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      1. just like the soul’s not copyright table,
        is free, has no equal, not even virtually.

        and on the subject: in MY opinion, (uh-oh)
        copyrights serve not any more than a sneaky
        way to get something for nothing via some law.

        copy rights, just like history, is bunk. let us look at
        the definitin of bunk:

        bunk noun (2)

        Definition of bunk
        (Entry 3 of 4) bunkum,

        exactly, nonsense… IT’S DEF.?

        (2) : an instance of absurd action
        Today’s teenagers are … NOT sharp
        observers of the nonsenses of adult life: B. Trafford

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      2. Unfortunately I must disagree. We are able to use the soundtrack because the artist who created it chose to donate it to public use. Perhaps someone paid for them to do so and perhaps they just wanted to be kind. But it was their work to give away.
        When a person ignores the copyright it is the same as theft. An artist or writer has use a part of their finite time on earth to create a work. When a copyright infringement occurs it is a theft of their time and life force. The theft of labor is the same as murder because that person cannot get that time back.
        When it is given to public use in a royalty free way it is a gift but when it is taken without consent it is theft.

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  2. man, couldn’t agree more – just this theory bars that idea:
    [ forgive me; there’s no pride to this, i WAS full of myself in
    1991, in TX, BUT He set me back an entire lifetime, was just
    twenty two when this soul was saved from a super, my op.
    was all that mattered at 22; then Oct. 2, 1992 11:3?PM, was
    riding my honduh rebel25o from a shift at the record sto’
    in huntsville when an kid, drunk on shits malt liquor in a
    ’68 nova (noGO) ran the red light where the turning to go
    to an ex-girlfriends house; was continuing paying some
    rent to the other three girls, whose house it was, the gal
    that moved away after some heated disagreement… so
    was left with my best friends while the girls we’re living
    with (let’s italicize girl) let me remain, in the room that
    was ours for that summer… anyways – DKW came right
    into me, running the red light, and dragged me maybe
    thirty yards down the hill to our street (Elm ave.) and i
    was toast. coma @ Ben Taub in hewstun after medvac
    to the local ‘pital.

    quick to hear: when HIGHschool found me riding the
    honda spree 50cc scooter, had many closer than not
    incidents, which hade me get talkin’ serious with my
    Mom ~ “Whatever happens… saying i get hit by a car
    or somethin’ and i get paralyzed or can’t talk, or this
    life i have is done, i want to go to your Mom’s house
    in NC… thats where i want to end up, promise okay?”

    SO, shit happened, the d.s compelled my folks to be
    looking at nursing homes, was in a coma for 1 week
    in space-city, my Mother recalled what ‘d made her
    promise and so she and me came to Charlotte, NC.
    to the best head-injury rehab in the state to go the
    year and a half rehab. until was able to talk n walk
    again after sharin apartment with my big-brother,
    boom, 1996; was livin uptown Queen City. in there
    for 28 years, 22 in a condo seen when my band, a
    High School band rolled through downtown on a
    TRAILWAYS liner…

    after 12 years in said condo got kinda poor… so
    home i went, in the exact place i wanted… dig?

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    1. I think I understand. I have cheated death a couple of times. Multiple car wrecks. A repelling incident (hooked up dead man ), snake bit, a couple of I industrial accidents etc. People don’t believe me but I died when I was 2 years old. Dad prayed for me and I started breathing again. Jesus Christ looks after us!


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