The Lunch Buddies

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It was hot day on the Kanawha River as my big blue truck rolled into the shade for a quick break. In spite of the humidity I opted to roll the window down and enjoy some fresh air. Little did I know that a very important business meeting was going on under the large oak trees. Being a bit of a snoop I turned down the podcast that was planning on the radio and eavesdropped on the conversation. These guys were really excited and chattering like crazy. After some strained listened I discovered that they were about to corner the acorn market! They made plans about how they would enjoy their wealth. The plan was to buy their own tree in the best part of the park far away from the hawks and owls. They have a special place for the chipmunk to come and visit and would give him his own room under the the roots where he could burrow and tunnel to his heart’s content. They would even have room for that crazy old opossossm to hang from his tail. The tree they had picked out had several abandoned woodpecker dens where they each have their own room. All they had to was to continue to collect and store as many acorns as they could carry. They paused only for a moment to update the map that they had drawn on the back of a leaf with an unburnt piece of charcoal recovered from the nearby grill. The map would help them remember where each and every hard earned acorn was stashed. They quickly hid their map in a hollow stump and pushed a large flat rock over the opening. They had finished their lunch early and after a quick game of tag around the oak they imeadiatly went back to work stashing acorns anywhere there was a hole they could commandeer. Suddenly they noticed that the guy in the big blue truck was holding his camera out of the window documenting all of their secret plans. One of them quickly disappeared behind the oak and the other one tried his best to blend into the bark.

One of the “Lunch Buddies” pretending to be invisible.

Not really wanting to interfere with their plans, I pulled the lens back into the window of the big blue truck and cranked the engine. Before I even left the shade of the oaks I could see the Lunch Buddies in my rear view mirror collecting acorns like crazy. I expect that on my next trip to the park they’ll be be living in the tree of their dreams.

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