The Tiny Explorer

Hello friends! Tonight’s feature image is titled “Tiny Spider On Thistle”. All of the photos are my original work and are available for purchase by following the instructions at the bottom of the article.

Sometimes I wonder if God gave thistle it’s spines because He knew that we’d have black and white photography. I have become intrigued by the way the texture of thistle is brought out in monochrome. On this particular day I did a lot of from the hip photos. Something would catch my eye and I would quickly snap several photos and move on to the next opportunity.

As I was doing the bulk selections of which thistle images to keep and which ones to delete I noticed a speck on the bulb. Anything that breaks the pattern gets my attention. I zoomed in to find a teeny tiny spider hiding in the spines

With spiders the males are typically much smaller than the females. So I’m guessing that this is a little guy.

I regret not paying close enough attention to the thistle while I was on site or I might have switched to a macro lens and picked up more detail of the spider himself. But, as it is I began to zoom in and discovered that he’s got the whole lower half of the flower bud wrapped in his web. He is well on his way to conquering his entire world. I began to see the little spider as the soul inhabitant of a flower sized planet and the surrounding buds as his solar system with the two smaller buds as twin moons.

Guessing by the overall body shape I’m thinking that he’s a roving spider. Eventually he’ll move to the other two buds and beyond spreading his web as he goes. One day he’ll decide that it’s time to explore his tiny universe and he’ll literally reach for the stars. Believe it or not, spiders can fly. Especially when they’re this small. Scientists call it ballooning but it’s really more like the flight of a kite. He’ll climb up to the highest place he can find and let his web into the wind. When enough wind catches the web the spider will sail through the air like a dandelion seed. A tiny explorer who goes wherever the wind takes him.

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