Bumblebee And Thistle

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The last of the morning dew evaporates into mountain air. I have returned to the place of my childhood for a short walk around the fields and forest edge. I opened the gate and drove through a short distance. Even though the cattle are in a different paddock I got out of the truck to latch the gate closed. Just like my grandfather taught me. I had made a promise when I was ten to always close the gate behind me. Even though he passed away in the 80s I have never broken that promise. As I was getting ready to get back into the truck the moment on the thistle caught my eye. The tiny little crawled through purple tuft atop the spiny stalk not wanting to miss a single drop of nectar. She seems so peaceful as she diligently foraged her way across the flower. I remembered seeing that bumblebees were trending on the internet and I decided not to pass on the opportunity. Even though bumblebees are generally docile I elected to use the long lens so that I didn’t pressure her. Her pollen sacks were nearly full in no time. Yet, she didn’t really seem to rush. I remembered the saying by Lao Tzu, “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

I started to compare the work being accomplished by the bumblebee in contrast to the expectations of the corporate world. The bee has a relatively short time to gather as much of the pollen as possible. But she isn’t really stressed out about how much there is to do. She doesn’t multitask. She simply sorts through the florets one at a time until the plant stops producing. Then she doesn’t linger in the dry bloom and moves on to the next. She measures her productivity not my volume but by the completeness of the task.

I was able to get several good picture of the Bumblebee And Thistle before the moment was gone. I am particularly happy with the black and white version of tonight’s feature image.

I think that the black and white version brings out more texture.

It wasn’t long before the bumblebee decided that she was finished and returned to wherever the nest was.

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The New Day

The cab of the big blue truck is full of the aroma of fresh brewed coffee as I break through morning mists at the foot of the mountain. As I pass through the little town of Gauley Bridge the sun is just peeking over the mountains. As the light brings life back to the valley the old railroad bridge really catches my eye. The truck comes to rest near the tracks and I get into position for tonight’s feature image.

While taking in the view from the tracks I began to think about how each morning is a fresh start. We have only the arch of the shadows in which to dream and build on those dreams. When the shadows overtake the streets and pathways the opportunity is lost once more in the mountain mists. And, while some of those opportunities pass with shadows others will rise up with the sun on the next morning. The archs only travel in one direction. If we try to pull them back we miss the next cycle. Nobody would stand out on the edge of the their world facing the West waiting for the Sun to come back? However, if we go to the place where the Sun rises we can catch the new day and take advantage of the renewal that comes with it.

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October Winds

The fall colors began with just a few leaves a couple of weeks ago. Now the color spreads like a fire across the mountains. As the cool green yields to the blaze of reds and oranges highlighted by yellows geese are crossing the sky in their familiar chevron formation. The October winds carry the leaves and deposit them on the sidewalks and driveways turning the landscape into an abstract painting. Somewhere in the countryside a father has just put his rake into the garage and while his back was turned his children are preparing for the ritual jump into the pile. He smiles as he hears the whispers and giggles. They’re the reason why he takes the time to use the rake instead of just grinding them up with the lawnmower. He steps fully inside and watches them through the kitchen window as the leaves are cast back into the sky. The slight chill in the air fortells that all too soon the colors of Fall will give way to the blank canvas of Winter.

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Return To Wading Willows

The sound of the rippling water lapping at the shore combined with song birds brings a sense of peaceful joy. I approached the wading willows as if greeting old friends. The willows seem to dance ever so slightly in the river’s currents and it feels as though they are listening to the songs of nature themselves. In the distance the osprey soars across the sky looking for a pearch stunned by falls. Dragonflies skim the waters surface as they hunt occasionally leaving little ripples of their own and the evening sun reflected in the tiny waves produces a light show that only God himself could engineer. The breeze coming off of Kanawha Falls is cool and gently stirs in and around the small park. I take a deep breath and release the stress of the workday into the river so that it will carry away the cares of the outside world. I thank God for choosing to place this natural sanctuary here for me. I take a few minutes to tell him about my day and seek his wisdom. But most importantly I listen. I listen to voice of peace spoken by God and echoed by the moving water. The conversation isn’t long and with my peace renewed I climb back up into the big blue truck and head for home.

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A Mountain View

I never get tired of the rugged beauty of my home deep inside the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia. The dense forest seems to swallow most of the small communities. It is easy stand on one of many overlooks and imagine that the world hasn’t changed in three hundred years. On the morning that I took the feature image with my Canon T5 the mists were hovering around the the sandstone tower. I look at the large tree growing on top of the ancient and weathered rock and I know that it’s probably sixty feet tall or taller. ( about 18 meters). It’s smaller than the ones growing around the base. It’s hard to believe that I’m in a public park about five minutes from the main road. I have my camera case setting next to me on one of the wooden benches. I was here to try and get some cool pictures of the Civil War reenactment group. (In an upcoming post) I was rewarded for being there early by finding out that an international whitewater rafting event was occurring in the valley below. It was a real challenge for me and my 300 mm lens but I did manage to pull off a shots of rafts as they exited the rapids. (also in an upcoming post). The warm morning air and humidity allowed my ever present coffee to fill the air with a rich aroma. I could waste a whole day in this spot just absorbing the peace and quiet. Once my coffee tumbler was empty I stepped back to the big blue truck in the parking lot and placed in its holder. I was about to travel back in time and find the encampments of the Blue and the Grey as they prepare for the yearly clash in an effort to define the future of a nation.

Thistle In Black and White

This is one of favorite photos. It’s simply a common field thistle growing by a roadside.

When I converted it to black and white the texture just popped for me. It always amazes me how often we take the common beauty that surrounds us for granted. Spring is is full swing here and I’ll be looking forward to some short walks. I hope I can find more nice places to share with you in the coming months.

The Lost Art Of Being

I watched this bumblebee working on the thistle and became enamored with the simplicity of its life. She isn’t in a rush to complete a quota. She isn’t distracted by all the activity of the other insects. She’s just being a bee and doing what she was born to do. She seemed to take pleasure in her small uncomplicated life.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” ~Lao Tzu

I sometimes wonder if the reason why everyone is always in such a rush is that we have left our natural purposes.

Somewhere, deep down inside we all know who we were born to be. It has nothing to do with jobs, social status or the expectations of others. It’s the thing that you do that causes you to lose track of time. When you look up and you’re amazed at how much got done without effort.

When you are just being what you were truly meant to be. That’s what happiness is.