Encounter With A Living Sunset

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The late summer brings golden rays to the Appalachian Mountains. With the passing of the dog days of summer the cooler days invite us to spend less time inside and more time enjoying God’s creation. The bright pinkish purple of the Ironweed sprinkled in with green forest signals that the seasonal changes are right around the corner. I paused a moment to enjoy some fresh air as I approached the big blue truck. It was the movement that first caught my eye as yet another monarch butterfly crossed my path. The lack of dark spots on the hind wings tells me that this one is a female. She flits and floats about from plant to plant sampling each bloom. Her colors are so rich and bright that it brings to mind the image of a sunset that has come to life. She isn’t bashful and seems to be quite at ease in the lens as she climbs around on the purple blooms trying out different poses for the benevolent giant who stands holding a camera just inches away from the delicate wings. Each pose seemed to be better than the last one and I lost track of the time as I continued to snap photo after photo. When she had had enough she made one last flip into the air and simply sailed away in a single moment. Knowing that she was on her to places where I couldn’t follow I resumed my path to the big blue truck and headed for home with a living sunset in my lens.

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