Community Is Important.

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The geese glide effortlessly across the lake in perfect unison. They seem to do everything together. If one breaks from the group the others soon turn to follow. They are a community and as such are always more successful together. Occasionally we’ll see one or even a pair that are kinda doing their own thing but that’s only temporary. They will soon rejoin the group.

A friend recently posted something to social media that reminded me of the story of Ishi. Ishi in his time was thought to be the last Yahi Indian. His story is tragic and he was a survivor of multiple genocide attacks in the mid 1800s. His remaining family had either died out or disappeared and he was left alone in the wilderness. Ishi wasn’t even his real name but his culture required that he couldn’t speak his own name until another Yahi introduced him formally. He was so alone that he lost his name. The word ishi was his native language for man and would have been used in the same way we would say “human male”. Ishi was very knowledgeable in the old ways. He had lived several years on his own in the wilderness. The years without his community nearly destroyed him. When he joined the modern world he was near death from malnutrition. Ishi only lived a few years in modern society due to an immune systems that was totally unprepared for European disease but if it hadn’t been for that we could have said that his health would have improved. He ate well and it was said that he genuinely enjoyed teaching others the ways of his people. In fact, it’s because of Ishi that we have traditional archery in the United States. During his medical crisis Ishi became friends with his doctor. Namely, Saxon Pope and Pope was “The father of modern archery” in the United States.

I have told the greatly abridged version of the story to make the point that the man who shared the knowledge of primitive survival with the modern world nearly starved to death without his community.

As humans, we may not enjoy the perfect unison that the swimming the geese do but our dependence on our community is just as important to health as clean air and water. No matter how skilled or strong a person is they need a community to support them and appreciate them for their contributions.

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