A Couple Of Mornings With Ring-eye

Hello Friends! Tonight’s feature image is titled “Hitting The Bullseye ” because the image contains an arrow and a bullseye. Like all of the photos on my blog this one is available for purchase by following the instructions at the bottom of the article.

It’s a peaceful morning in the Salmon Run area of Summersville Lake. The geese seem to paddle about in their tight knit group. It’s like watching a synchronized swimming exhibition. Everyone turns in time with the others. Everyone except for one that is. This goose is different. I first noticed this particular goose because of its eyes. My wife and I have come to call it “Ring-eye” because of the light ring on each eye.

This photo was taken the exact moment that I noticed the eyes of the goose. You can see in the background that all the other geese do not have the same eyes.

As soon as I saw the ring I softly spoke to the goose. “You’re special aren’t you” I whispered. To my surprise the goose reacted to me by coming closer. The goose still kept a comfortable distance outside of my reach but broke away from the flock to stay close none the less. I didn’t feed the goose because the truth is that the DNR would rather not have them in the recreational areas. But I did continue to speak to it softly. A few days later I returned to the lake for another round of photos and as soon as I stepped out of the big blue truck Ring-eye made bee-line to the shore. This goose remembered me!

Ring-eye comes to greet me.

As soon as Ring-eye reached the shore he/she Stood in the shallow water and waited for the conversation. I obliged.

Ring-eye waits for conversation to start.

We spoke for a few while I finished my coffee before gathering my gear and seeking the next shot.

I have to admit that I’m kinda curious to see if my friend is still there and remembers me on my next trip.

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A Journey For Two

Don’t leave my side.

Don’t make me alone.

Keep me in your sight.

Share in my destiny.

Keep me with you always, no matter how far we go.

Not So Silly Geese

I learn a lot from watching nature. Take geese for example. They have no complex language (as far as well know) and yet they seem to have the ability to maintain social cohesion. Maybe not as perfectly as some other birds but they do seem to function as a single unit. What’s more is that they seem to take turns at being the leader with relatively little conflict. If you watch closely as that V formation flies over or swims by they shift position with the leader creating a wake for the rest of flock to cruise in. I know the science of how it helps them to travel farther but it amazes me how there’s cooperation. I think that the secret is that each bird knows that their own well being is dependent on the well being of the flock. In turn, the well being of the flock depends on the well being of the individual. If the flock loses a member that means that the unit can’t travel as efficiently during migration. I think it’s the interdependency between leadership and followers that maintains the balance. That’s a lesson we should all learn.