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I have often been fascinated with the flow of water in the mountains. Even as a child I would sit and watch the rain trickle down the window.  It was like I was looking through God’s kaleidoscope. The colors would refract in the water and the textures would change as the outside world seemed to melt into the little streams and run down the window. 

Even today I can’t help but imagine that reflections in the water are parallel worlds with stories all their own.  And then I wonder if the little world inside that drop of water that was brought to life by the light is aware that there’s an even bigger world outside of their realm?

It’s makes us have to ask, “what if our world is indeed inside a tiny drop of water owing our existence to the light shed into our lives?

That brings me to the goldfish analogy.

A goldfish is brought into a home by the owner and given a cozy home in a bowl.  The owner feeds and cares for the goldfish and because the goldfish remembers being brought in he knows where all of his blessingscome from. After a while more goldfish are added to the bowl and they spawn.  Time passes and the original goldfish that remembered where they came from pass away leaving their prodigy who only know life inside the fish bowl. They began to wonder how food falls from the surface and they remember being taught that a human feeds them. But they can’t imagine that there is any other world outside of the bowl.  Eventually,  some of them go on a quest for the human.  They search every cubic inch of their bowl but they don’t find the human that feeds them.  Some of them even declare that no human exists because they’ve searched whole bowl and can’t find him anywhere. 

I continued to admire the little world caught in the droplet for a few minutes and turned my gaze to the clouds above my own head. I could feel the thankful smile growing on my face and I knew that someone smiled back.

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