Changing The World. ( An observation of action in time )

Hello friends! Tonight’s feature image is titled “Muddelty Creek Barn 11220 SV” and is available for purchase by the instructions at the bottom of the article.

When I first started documenting the demise of the old barn on Muddelty Creek she still had most of her roof. Now the winds have claimed the rusted tin that once was her crowning glory. The straight lines of her wooden ribs would have been crafted with loving care but now they’re twisted broken.

Even so, she fights to remain standing and rebuffs the gales of winter. The drive to exist renews her strength in spite of what the eye sees. But time will eventually be winner and one day only the footprint will remain.

In a comment to Tea With Jennifer on her post Living Life Well I mentioned the question “What have you done with your dash?”

The story goes that on your memorial there will be two dates. The day you were born and the day God calls you home. These dates are separated by a – that represents all the days in between. And that’s the most important part. That where you lived. All of the love, all of the good times and all of the struggles, everything is in that dash. What it means is up to you. As long as you have breath you are creating the future and you have a purpose. An individual might not be a super hero and save the world but you’re a super hero to someone. You might not leap tall buildings in a single bound but if you have a word of encouragement to share you might lift someone else over the top. The world is moved bit by bit and moment by moment by the many hands that do what they can as the opportunity arises.

So what have you done with your dash? You changed the world and you are changing the world still. But the direction of that change is up to you.

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