A Peaceful Stop Near Charlton Heights

Hello friends! Tonight’s feature image is titled “The Flow Of Peace” and is available for purchase by the instructions at the bottom of the article.

The morning sun is just above the mountains as the big blue truck finds the wide spot at Charlton Heights. I have always loved the crumbling old stone wall with its little cascade and nearby cave. Today I’ve elected to bring my tripod and attempt a long exposure. I fiddle with the settings a little and eventually get the look that want. Just a few feet away the morning rush traffic zips by. I maintain awareness for safety but otherwise block it out. All I need is a few minutes to lose myself in the flow of stream. The texture of the cut stone and the color of the vegetation. In the few moments of quiet between the sounds of the passing engines I can hear a black capped chickadee calling among the bare twigs. And a sapsucker tapping out his rhythms on a dead branch. I fight against the urge to abandon my responsibility and climb the wall to see what’s up stream but reason overtakes me as I wait for the shutter to close. Folding the tripod away and climbing back into the driver’s seat was the hardest part of my morning. I press the button on the armrest and the passenger window slides down with a whirr and I allow just a little bit more of the peaceful moment to flow into my being and this I carry until I can stop again.

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