The Trapper Part One

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Standing on the little bridge over Peter’s Creek I close my eyes and listen to the trickles of Peter’s Creek as it gently makes it’s way to the Gauley River. The water speaks to those who listen. The Creek remembers the entire history of planet earth. Remembers the Hopewell people who hunted Bison with the spear and the Shawnee. And the creek remembers a particular trapper in those days. He wore buckskin clothes and a medicine hat adorned with trade items. His bright red beard flowed and covered most of his chest. He navigated the creeks and rivers in a small boat with a swivle gun on the bow which he used to take multiple waterfowl in one shot. It was on a snowy day like this that while loading the cannon his boat became unbalanced and capsized. He emerged from the water well enough but in the deep cold of winter his wet clothes quickly became a liability. The trapper managed to keep his hatchet which was worn in a leather sheath on a beaded strap across his shoulder. He removed his wet clothes and hung them up on the windward side of a thicket of yojng cedar trees. In their condition he couldn’t have them next to his skin but he could block the wind with them. The lower branches of the surrounding forest had some dead branches that he easily collected with his hatchet and would make a good fire. He also collected the the Goldenrod that grew on the edge of the a nearby clearing.

Image Titled “Gold Becomes Silver 22320” and is available for purchase by clicking the thumbnail and reaching out to me on the contact page.

The trapper had hoped to find a piece of flint or chert to strike a spark with his hatchet but the bones of this mountain are sandstone and granite and were not hard enough to do the task. He would have to spin a fire before the chill of the air robbed his muscles of the ability to do work.

… to be continued.

Good night friends and be blessed throughout your days.

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